Mudbox2014入门介绍(Digital Tutors出品)

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Digital Tutors Mudbox 2012入门教程

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RealFlow 2013入门介绍教程(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 在此 RealFlow 2013 教程中,我们 ' ll 看介绍看许多的 RealFlow 2013.We 中得到很好地理解的一些最基本的概念和工作流目标 RealFlow 2013 年发现的关键特征 ' ll 开始学习如何我们可以设置我们的 RealFlow 项目,看看这些项目如何组织的 RealFlow。从那里我们 ' 将学到如何移动周围的 RealFlow 接口之前开始工作,我们第一次的流体粒子与一些重要的参数,这将帮助我们控制我们的粒子。现在的一些其他极其重要概念的 RealFlow 包括现场规模和子步骤,所以我们 ' ll 需要一些时间去了解如何将这些概念可以设置以及它们将如何影响我们的 RealFlow 项目好。在这次培训我们 ' ll 看一看的 RealFlow 2013 等关系编辑器,将节点连接在一起,在新的图形系统,使用功能非常强大的 Hybrido 2 和当然预览使用与麦克斯韦渲染,只是对名称的新集成我们流体中的新功能很多几个。通过本教程的结尾你 ' ll RealFlow 2013 年有扎实的了解的概念和工作流。 原文: In this RealFlow 2013 tutorial, we'll be taking an introductory look at many of the key features found in RealFlow 2013 with the goal of getting a good understanding of some of the most fundamental concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2013.We'll start by learning how we can set up our RealFlow projects and looking at how those projects are organized by RealFlow. From there we'll learn how to move around the RealFlow interface before starting to work with our first fluid particles and some of the important parameters that will help us control our particles. Now some of the other extremely important concepts in RealFlow include scene scale and substeps, so we'll take some time to get a good understanding of how these concepts can be set up and how they will affect our RealFlow projects.Throughout this training we'll take a look at many of the new features found in RealFlow 2013 such as the Relationship Editor, connecting nodes together in the new graph system, using the incredibly powerful Hybrido 2 and of course previewing our fluids using the new integration with Maxwell Render, just to name a few. By the end of this tutorial you'll have a solid understanding of the concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2013.

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在Mari 2.0中绘制真实皮肤(Gnomon Workshop)

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MARI机器人Ptex贴图制作教程(Digital Tutors出品)

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MARI2.0入门学习教程(Digital Tutors出品)

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Toon Boom Harmony角色绑定入门教程

译文: 得到了很好地理解一些基本的索具的工具在香椿繁荣和谐你 ' ll 能够脚踏实地地与你自己的性格钻机跑。我们 ' ll 开始学习如何在时间线视图,以及网络视图的图层部分中创建的层次结构。之后这我们 ' 将探索如何我们可以放我们抠出样式字符允许我们旋转身体的不同部位的主要关节的枢轴点。从这里我们 ' 还将讨论使用钉和如何他们允许我们自由壁球和舒展我们性格的个别部位的好处。我们 ' ll 也花几堂课上我们操纵的字符使用逆运动学工具和探讨如何我们可以排除 IK 骨骼和重新定位他们。最后我们 ' ll 完成通过学习如何操纵使用变形工具,功能独家只对 Harmony.While 大部分的题目,我们 ' 会覆盖适用于动画、 动画临与和谐,会有一些专用的和谐和 Pro 进行动画处理的内容。 原文: By gaining a good understanding of some of the basic rigging tools in Toon Boom Harmony you'll be able to hit the ground running with your own character rigs.We'll begin by learning how to create hierarchies in the layers section of the timeline view as well as the network view. Following this we'll explore how we can place pivot points on the major joints of our cutout styled character allowing us to rotate different parts of the body. From here we'll also discuss the benefits of using pegs and how they allow us the freedom to squash and stretch individual parts of our character. We'll also spend a few lessons on using the inverse kinematics tool with our rigged character and explore how we can exclude IK bones and reposition them. Finally we'll finish by learning how to rig using the deformation tools, a feature exclusive only to Harmony.While a majority of the topics that we'll be covering are applicable to Animate, Animate Pro, and Harmony, there will be some content that is exclusive to Harmony and Animate Pro.

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Toon Boom Harmony变形功能学习(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 变形可以是时间的您的工作流的重要资产,因为它创建中间的图纸,可以为您节省大量与您的动画。我们 ' ll 开始本课程时的变形概述以及如何创建一个变形的序列。第一,很少有人教训我们 ' 将使用简单的形状,我们 ' 将学到的概念,如使用相同的矢量线和色板与你关键的图纸的重要性。此外,我们 ' 将学到如何使用变形工具来应用各种类型的提示,以控制仿型的图纸。之后这我们 ' ll 工作在三个不同的变形项目。我们 ' ll 变身关键图纸的一些烟雾,看看我们可以使用轮廓提示来移动它们有机。我们 ' ll 也探讨如何我们可以将变形序列应用于字符设计创建压缩的运动。最后我们 ' 将学到如何,我们可以假象草通过变形风中摇曳。一路上我们 ' 还将讨论设计你你变形序列的关键图纸的重要性。 原文: Morphing can be a great asset to your workflow in that it creates in-between drawings which can save you a lot of time with your animations.We'll begin this course with an overview of morphing and how to create a morphing sequence. For the first few lessons we'll work with simple shapes in which we'll learn concepts like the importance of using the same vector lines and swatches with your key drawings. In addition, we'll learn how we can use the morphing tool to apply various types of hints to control morphed drawings. Following this we'll work on three different morphing projects. We'll morph key drawings of some fumes and see we can use contour hints to move them organically. We'll also explore how we can apply a morphing sequence to a character design to create a squashing motion. Finally we'll learn how we can create the illusion of grass swaying in the wind through morphing. Along the way we'll also discuss the importance designing your key drawings for your morphing sequences.

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Toon Boom Harmony特效参考库(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 通过纳入香椿繁荣和谐效应真正可以增强你的场景的视觉吸引力。此参考库中我们 ' ll 涵盖大型各种有用的效果可以应用到你的人物、 环境和其他可视元素可能包含在您的项目中。在这些经验教训我们 ' 将学到的绝大多数论文影响模块和连接和设置在和谐功能 ' s 网络视图。此外我们 ' ll 潜入每个效果的图层属性 ' s 模块,我们 ' ll 覆盖和探讨如何我们可以调整设置内以达到我们想要应用于接收这些影响的任何元素的视觉外观。一路上我们 ' ll 了解可以与各种效果用于指定具体效果可直观地适用于元素的遮罩的多种用途,' s 接收它。我们 ' 还将了解如何我们可以查看它们如何被应用虽然我们工作在和谐 ' s 相机视图。关于这些影响和它们的特点,学习后你 ' 将能够向您自己的项目添加一个新的水平的创造力。 原文: By incorporating effects in Toon Boom Harmony you can truly enhance the visual appeal of your scenes. In this reference library we'll cover a large variety of useful effects that can be applied to your characters, environments, and other visual elements that may be included in your projects.In these lessons we'll learn the functionality of a majority of theses effects modules and how they can be connected and set up in Harmony's network view. In addition we'll dive into the layer properties of each effect's module that we'll cover and explore how we can adjust the settings within to achieve the visual look we want applied to any elements receiving those effects. Along the way we'll learn about the many uses of mattes that can be used with a variety of effects to designate specifically where an effect can be visually applied to an element that's receiving it. We'll also learn how we can view how they are being applied while we work in Harmony's camera view. After learning about these effects and their features, you'll be able to add a new level of creativity to your own projects.

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TVPaint Animation Pro 9动画制作教程

TVPaint Animation是法国开发的极其优秀的动画软件。本人使用下来,感觉它的风格和特点特别适合于大家制作单纯的手绘2d动画。因为和朋友承诺过要做教程,所以干脆把它的一些使用技巧制作成视频教程提供给大家交流,抛砖引玉,在未来的一些时间里,还计划把Retas HD和Toon Boom Harmony也录制教程提供给大家,希望大家喜欢这些无纸动画软件,也希望大家伙愿意制作好玩的动画,一起进步,有什么不足的地方希望大家多提意见,我会不断更新进度,也希望大家监督和催促。 陈 锋 职 称: 讲 师职 务: 教 师 毕业院校:云南艺术学院、武汉大学所学专业:美术教育、数字设计艺术学 历: 研究生 学 位: 硕 士 工作简历 云南大学艺术与设计学院云南电信昆明169 云南三业起云广告有限公司 云南电视台猜猜少儿频道顾问昆明力康文化传播有限公司顾问《奇观》新媒体艺术双年展策展人云南红云红河集团青年职工教育计划任课教师 科研成果及获奖情况: 受邀参加中国首届奔腾4处理器电脑Flash动画创意大赛暨Flash动画电影节。电脑动画《猎》参加油画第二工作室联展动画《祭》参加都市Flash动画提名展。《羊来了—云南青年艺术家自选作品展》云南省旅游动画大赛《元素—多媒体艺术展》《SONY中国DV行》学术大会贵阳贵州艺术双年展《奇观》——第一、第二届新媒体艺术双年展策展人、作者《云上七日》艺术展 97联社第一回 提名油画展策展人云南动漫节第一、二届优秀评委安宁市温泉大型雕塑:《螳川神女》;《碧玉温泉传说》圆雕与浮雕的制作昆明99园艺博览会翠湖大型灯展,大型冰雕展的设计制作第一届中国昆明国际旅游节开幕式大型彩车游行设计制作法制教育系列FLASH作品十集,公安部银奖云南动漫节最佳创意团队第四、五届白杨奖入围决赛优秀作品艺术与设计学院院长奖云南省艺术设计教育论文奖中山市动漫节一等奖

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Toon Boom Harmony传统动画技术教程(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: 在本教程中,您 ' ll 了解如何开始使用一些香椿景气已提供,与自己的传统风格动画的强大工具。我们 ' ll 首先创建一些粗糙的缩略图,以可视化的故事我们的性格 ' s 动画。之后这我们 ' ll 花几堂课,勾勒出如钥匙、 极端、 故障和介于不同的字符构成。我们 ' ll 还使用绘图纸外观特征来援助我们,正如我们借鉴这些姿势。从这里我们 ' 将学习如何使用画笔工具用于清洁线工作在所有我们草绘的姿势以及如何我们可以快速清理使用切割工具这行工作。之后这我们 ' 将学到如何我们创建色彩艺术从艺术线条以便我们能保持我们的线工作和颜色上单独的模式。接下来我们 ' 将学到如何,我们可以有效地颜色所有我们的性格 ' s 姿势使用油漆桶工具。最后我们 ' 将学到如何我们可以将一个分层的 Photoshop 文件导入用于我们的动画的和谐 ' s 环境。注意︰ 所有的技术、 方法和工具,我们 ' ll 盖能在和谐、 动画,和动画临中执行。 原文: In this tutorial, you'll learn how to begin using some of the powerful tools that Toon Boom has to offer with your own traditionally styled animations.We'll begin by creating some rough thumbnails to visualize the story of our character's animation. Following this we'll spend a few lessons sketching out the different character poses such as the keys, extremes, breakdowns, and in-betweens. We'll also use the onion skinning feature to aid us as we draw these poses. From here we'll learn how we can use the brush tool to apply clean line work over all of our sketched poses and how we can quickly clean up this line work using the cutter tool. Following this we'll learn how we create color art from line art so that we can keep our line work and color on separate modes. Next we'll learn how we can effectively color all of our character's poses using the paint bucket tool. Finally we'll learn how we can import a layered Photoshop file into Harmony to be used for our animation's environment.NOTE: All of the techniques, methods, and tools that we'll cover can be executed in Harmony, Animate, and Animate Pro.

Toon Boom Harmony角色口型配音同步教程(DT出品)

译文: 通过利用方法和方法在过程中你 ' 就能开始使用您自己的嘴唇同步项目与信心,同时也有很多的乐趣。我们 ' ll 开始通过绘制不同音素嘴表达式为我们将用于口型的性格。从这里我们 ' ll 了解映射我们音素要同步到一些进口的音频使用自动唇同步功能。之后这我们 ' 将探讨如何使用声音元素编辑器来为我们的音频编辑同步的不同嘴表达式的位置。此外我们 ' 将学到如何,我们可以手动编辑我们嘴巴词语在时间轴中通过使用数据和库视图。最后,我们 ' 将探讨如何使用 x 表来编辑我们的嘴表达式,以进一步细化我们的嘴唇同步。注意︰ 即使我们使用香椿繁荣和谐为本演示中,一切我们 ' 会介绍将适用于动画和动画 Pro。 原文: By utilizing the methods and approaches in the course you'll be able to get started with your own lip sync projects with confidence while also having a lot of fun.We'll begin by drawing different phoneme mouth expressions for our character that will be used for lip syncing. From here we'll learn about mapping our phonemes to be synced to some imported audio using the auto lip sync feature. Following this we'll explore how we can use the sound element editor to edit the placement of different mouth expressions that are synced to our audio. In addition we'll learn how we can manually edit our mouth expressions in the timeline by using the data and library views. Finally, we'll explore how we can use the x-sheet to edit our mouth expressions to further refine our lip sync.NOTE: Even though we are using Toon Boom Harmony for this demonstration, everything that we'll be covering will be applicable to both Animate and Animate Pro.

大史 3D-Coat自动拓扑教学

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Rhino 4.0基础训练教程(Lynda出品)

rnd101 FXPHD Introduction (Renderman渲染教程)

译文: 类 01:Introduction: Renderman @ 是一种规范,prman 是软件:"你好球体"这 20 岁软件-prman 软件包和各项事业的快速游-简史︰ 写简单的肋骨呈现球体-一根肋骨结构概要-上下文堆栈。类 02:RIB 结构︰ 创建场景-基本变换 (和矩阵串联)-定位-基本几何基元-育儿-相机选项和属性。03:REYES 类︰ 深入看看雷耶斯算法,难道真的呈现一切你见过吗?-核心概念︰ 分裂、 划片机、 micropolygons 和着色器-渲染选项︰ 掌控你的内存,速度和图像 qualityClass 04:Custom 着色器︰ 底纹语言语法、 语法和数据类型、 编译-一个简单的塑料着色器执行-执行的一个简单的轻着色器-将着色器连接到几何的简介。类 05:ImageFeatures︰ 运动模糊、 运动样品、 多段模糊,局限性-深度字段-制服、 不同-流量控制-fBmClass 06:Passing 数据︰ 坐标系统,空间 transformationsClass 07:Shading,纹理贴图︰ txmake 和纹理 ()-几何基元-纹理 coordinatesClass 08:Shading,照明︰ 照明照度︰ 漫反射和镜面 reflectionsClass 09:Bump & 位移︰ 凹凸映射-位移映射-位移边界-实际应用的亚像素 displacementClass 10︰ 阴影︰ 阴影贴图的偏见--模糊-样品-工作流在玛雅 / 苗条 原文: Class 01:Introduction: Renderman@ is a specification, prman is the software : a brief history of this 20 years old software - quick tour of the prman software package and the various utilities - "hello sphere" : write a simple RIB to render a sphere - overview of the structure of a RIB - context stacks.Class 02:RIB structure : creating a scene - basic transformations (and matrix concatenation) - positioning the camera - basic geometric primitives - parenting - options & attributes.Class 03:REYES: in-depth look at the REYES algorithm, does it really Render Everything You Ever Saw ? - core concepts : splitting, dicing, micropolygons and shaders - render options : taking control of your memory, speed and image qualityClass 04:Custom Shaders: introduction to the shading language grammar, syntax & data types, compilation - implementation of a simple plastic shader - implementation of a simple light shader - attaching the shaders to the geometry.Class 05:ImageFeatures: motion blur, motion samples, multi-segment blur, limitations - depth of field - uniform / varying - flow control - fBmClass 06:Passing Data: coordinate systems, space transformationsClass 07:Shading, texture maps: txmake and texture( ) - geometric primitives - texture coordinatesClass 08:Shading, Illumination: Illuminance, Illuminate : diffuse & specular reflectionsClass 09:Bump & Displacement: bump mapping - displacement mapping - displacement bounds - practical application of sub-pixel displacementClass 10:Shadows: shadow maps - bias - blur - samples - workflow in Maya / Slim

BodyPaint 3D入门介绍教程(Gnomon Workshop出品)

译文: Maxon 功用 3D 已经成为在电影和游戏的纹理管道中使用的标准 3D 绘画工具。其稳定性和性能而闻名,功用擅长在舞台上与第三方 3D 和 2D 应用像玛雅和 Adobe Photoshop 的集成。功用 ' s 广泛工具集包括一个功能强大的投影绘画引擎使得绘画纹理供选择的工具在 3D 表面上。这张 DVD 包含超过 8 个小时的讲座,包括一切你需要开始与功用。开始导航,用户界面和文档设置的基本原理,主题进展到更高级的设置和工作流相关讲座。讲座还将处理绘画模式,如表面和投影画作,和有效的方法来创建和使用自定义画笔的功用。这个标题的导师︰ 埃里克 · 米勒 原文: Maxon Bodypaint 3D has become the standard 3D painting tool used in the film and game texture pipelines. Renowned for its stability and performance, Bodypaint excels in the arena of integration with 3rd party 3D and 2D applications like Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Bodypaint's extensive toolset including a powerful projection painting engine has made it the tool of choice for painting textures on a 3D surface. Containing over 8 hours of lecture, this DVD covers everything you need to get started with Bodypaint. Beginning with the fundamentals of navigation, UI, and document setup, the topics progress to more advanced setup and workflow related lectures. The lectures will also address painting modes, like surface and projection painting, along with effective methods to create and utilize custom brushes in BodyPaint. Instructor for this title: Eric Miller

创意开发系列UVLayout和Maxwell Render纹理技术教程

mocha大师进阶教程第一集(Curious Turtle出品)

译文: 01-对象清理-钻机 removalSometimes 正确的镜头不是 ' t 相当完美。在第一个练习中你将清理流浪元素在框架中,同时确保前景色和背景仍不受影响。这看起来在如何灵活和有效的方式使用摩卡。随着问题的出现,如困难的曲目,你会看到不同的、 新的方法来解决这些问题。我们处理各种摩卡跟踪和形状数据在本练习中。除了摩卡的新技术,我们也使用 Photoshop 和后效果来创建我们的 cleanplate 和环境的影响。胶水维系整个镜头始终是来自摩卡跟踪和形状数据。核心技能︰ 跟踪能力;掩码类型;克隆;粮食 Management02-集的扩展-(使用摩卡 Pro 模块) 创建集的扩展是一个核心视觉特效的技能。创建完美的哑光绘画是只有一半的工作,当你不得不处理摇晃的摄像机运动。这个练习是关于获得我们核心中弹正确移动到的主要作用;添加设置的扩展和删除不需要的部分,与钻机去除屏幕。我们探索的稳定模块和不同的方法来填写缺少的数据。深入看看自动填充内摩卡 Pro 将给我们一个非常光滑的相机移动不影响质量。镜头中的水和前景元素使得这项棘手的任务。后一趟 Photoshop 打造我们表面无光泽的绘画,我们只剩下工作得到它的拟合和寻找自然与我们的镜头。在摩卡的单一履带的形状可以给我们许多不同类型的跟踪数据。我们使用它们所有和你应当选择一种类型为某个特定任务时显示。重要的是,你还看到什么会发生如果您使用错误的数据类型。核心技能︰ 稳定;摩卡临自动填充;表面无光泽的绘画;跟踪节点锅;Matchmoving;粮食 Management03-先进的删除-(使用摩卡 Pro 模块) 我们需要删除一个街道的标示在一个移动的镜头并创建一个 matchmoved 虚拟摄像头。这是镜头的一个复杂,听起来很简单很好的例子。这项任务让我们通过大量不同的问题、 技术和解决方案删除效果和其他油漆作业工作。规划是关键到复杂的影响,这次也不例外。我们要删除的对象涵盖了框架的一个重要领域,是不断移动。这意味着简单的删除不是去工作,我们必须使用摩卡混合的方法临 ' s 删除和摩卡咖啡跟踪数据在后效果。删除模块中,我们看到技术平衡渲染速度和提高质量。在摩卡的同类履带的形状可以回收,并用于完全不同的方式结束后,Effects.You 将会看到一些新的方式与常规拐角 pin 数据以及如何加快您的工作流使用 mochaImport + 脚本工作。在几轮和人工制品的去除,我们也看看做天空替换特定区域的另一种方式。最后我们创建精确 3D 相机解决得到这张照片看起来尽可能好清理地区,否则会很棘手,给予额外的灵活性时合成。核心技能︰ 摩卡临删除模块;规划射击;角针类型;稳定 Destabilize 工作流;油漆;天空更换;有效的 AdjustTrack;3D 相机解决;在后的 Effects04-先进的 InsertInserts 预作曲技巧是摩卡的面包和黄油工作 ' s 平面跟踪。但当有多个曲面时,会发生什么,他们掩盖周围的每个其他,皮瓣和一般不 ' t 的行为吗?在本教程中,您将看到一些有趣的技术,消除标记跟踪,同时保持原始背景的字符。您还将了解不同类型的跟踪数据,可以导出摩卡和事情你必须要意识到使用不同影响时的优势。数的速动遮罩形状你拿出手段,我们将探讨如何应用这些形状和如何创建复杂切出快速、 高效地。战略跟踪是非常重要的。它可以让我们节省时间,还得到我们需要的原始跟踪数据和 rotosplines 的结果。 原文: 01 - Object Clean-up - Rig removalSometimes the right shot isn't quite perfect.  In the first exercise you will clean-up stray elements in the frame, whilst ensuring that the foreground and background remains unaffected.This looks at how to use mocha in a flexible and efficient way.  As problems arise, such as difficult tracks, you see different and new ways to solve these issues.  We work with a variety of mocha tracking and shape data in this exercise.In addition to new mocha techniques, we also use Photoshop and After Effects to create our cleanplate and environmental effects.  The glue holding the entire shot together is always tracking and shape data from mocha.CORE SKILLS : Tracking skills; Mask types; Cloning; Grain Management02 - Set Extensions - (Uses mocha Pro modules)Creating set extensions is a core VFX skill to have.  Creating the perfect matte painting is only half the job when you have to deal with shaky camera movement.  This exercise is about getting our core shot correct before moving to the main effect; adding a set extension and removing unwanted parts of the screen with rig removal.We explore the Stabilize module and different methods to fill in the missing data.  An in-depth look at AutoFill within mocha Pro will give us a perfectly smooth camera move without compromising on quality. The water and foreground elements in the shot makes this a tricky task.  After a trip to Photoshop to create our matte painting, we are left with the job of getting it fitting and looking natural in with our footage.  A single tracked shape in mocha can give us many different types of the tracking data.  We use them all and show when you should favor one type for a particular task. Importantly, you also see what can happen if you use the wrong type of data.CORE SKILLS : Stabilization; mocha Pro AutoFill; Matte Painting; Tracking Nodal Pans; Matchmoving; Grain Management03 - Advanced Remove - (Uses mocha Pro modules)We need to remove a street sign in a moving shot and create a matchmoved virtual camera. This is a great example of a complex shot that sounds simple. The task lets us work through a number of different problems, techniques and solutions for the Remove effect and other paint jobs.Planning is key to complex effects and this one is no exception. The object we have to remove covers a significant area of the frame and is constantly moving. This means that a straightforward Remove is not going work and we have to use a blended method of mocha Pro's Remove and mocha tracking data in After Effects.  In the Remove Module we see techniques for balancing render speed and improving quality.  The same tracked shapes in mocha can be recycled and used in a completely different way over in After Effects.You will see some new ways to work with regular corner pin data and how to speed your workflow using the mochaImport+ script. In between several rounds of removal and artefact removal, we also look at another way of doing sky replacements in specific regions.  Finally we create an accurate 3D Camera Solve to getting this shot looking as good as possible, cleaning up areas that would be very tricky otherwise and give extra flexibility when compositing.CORE SKILLS: mocha Pro Remove module; Planning the shot; corner pin types; Stabilize/Destabilize workflows; Paint; Sky replacement; Effective AdjustTrack; 3D Camera Solve; Pre-composing tips in After Effects04 - Advanced InsertInserts are bread and butter work for mocha's planar tracker. But what happens when there are multiple surfaces, they obscure each other, flap around and generally don't behave?In this tutorial you will see some interesting techniques to remove tracking markers, whilst maintaining the character of the original background. You will also learn the strengths of the different types of tracking data that mocha can export, and things you have to be aware of when using it with different effects.  The number of rotoscoped matte shapes you take out means we will explore the ways of applying these shapes and how to create complex cut outs quickly and efficiently.Strategic tracking is really important. It lets us save time and still get the results that we need in terms of raw tracking data and rotosplines.