译文: 在此 ZBrush 教程中我们将学习如何使用 ZBrush 4 大亮点来创建无缝、 照片级真实感的纹理,为一个人类的头。ZBrush 成为强大的纹理工具已经有几年来,它使我们能够直接在我们的模型上绘画非常快速,直观。加上在 ZBrush 4 的聚光灯下,我们可以把他们的现有纹理投射我们将得到我们伟大的结果在短短几分钟内的用户非常友好方式的模型。我们将开始我们的项目导入我们参考图像和学习节约出来作为我们可以反复重用的聚光灯。从那里,我们将学会调整色相和饱和度与他们在油漆之前像我们图像方面。我们还将学习的我们周围的图像部分移到底层几何形状更好地符合。我们还将涵盖技术填补差距模型混合在我们可能没有参考的地区。我们将通过使用灯箱来下载任何额外的图片,我们可能需要并应纳入这些到我们现有的聚光灯下完成。一旦你做,你将无法再使用聚光灯下要非常快速绘制您的字符或使用现有的图像其他模型。 原文: In this ZBrush tutorial we will learn how to use Spotlight in ZBrush 4 to create seamless, photorealistic textures for a human head. ZBrush has been a powerful texturing tool for several years, giving us the ability to paint very quickly and intuitively directly on our models. With the addition of Spotlight in ZBrush 4, we can project existing textures onto our models in a very user friendly way that will get us great results in a matter of minutes. We will begin our project by importing our reference images and learning to save them out as a Spotlight that we can reuse over and over. From there, we will learn to adjust aspects of our images like hue and saturation before painting with them. We will also learn to move parts of our images around to better match with the underlying geometry. We will also cover techniques for filling gaps on the model to blend in areas that we may not have reference of. We will finish up by using LightBox to download any additional images we might need and incorporate those into our existing Spotlight. Once you are done, you will be able use Spotlight to very quickly paint your characters or other models using existing images.

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