Digital Tutors创意开发系列ZBrush制作仿卡通风格小鸟

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Digital Tutors创意开发系列ZBrush快速雕刻出卡通头部

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译文: 已知在过去的令人难以置信的工具为有机的建模和雕刻,ZBrush 实际上也包含数组工具面向硬表面建模与更多和更多的功能添加在每个新的更新。本 ZBrush 教程走过去很多这些工具和功能使用简单项目为基础的方法。我们 ' ll 谈做简单的硬表面建模,像型材和定义边缘硬度的方法。我们 ' ll 还涵盖网更换结合不同网格并使用 DynaMesh 来创建更复杂的、 无缝硬表面速度非常快。此外,我们 ' ll 谈小组循环功能及如何使用它来创建提高或降低面板,或提取几何厚度。最后你 ' ll 有许多选项中有一些好地概述在 ZBrush 在您自己的坚硬表面项目上工作。 原文: Known in the past for being an incredible tool for organic modeling and sculpting, ZBrush actually also contains an array of tools geared toward hard-surface modeling with more and more features added in each new update.This ZBrush tutorial goes over many of those tools and features using a simple project based approach. We'll talk about methods for doing simple hard-surface modeling like extrusions and defining edge hardness. We'll also cover mesh replacement to combine different meshes and use DynaMesh to create more complex, seamless hard-surfaces very quickly. In addition, we'll talk about the Panel Loops feature and how it can be used to create raised or lowered panels, or extracted geometry with thickness. In the end you'll have a good overview of some of the many options in ZBrush for working on your own hard-surface projects.

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ZBrush雕刻人类躯干(Digital Tutors出品)

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ZBrush制作游戏道具教程(Digital Tutors出品)

译文: ZBrush 是极好的工具,用于创建非常详细看模型,从字符,道具和环境。强大的雕刻和绘画工具允许艺术家自由地创建任何他们可以想象。很多时候,然而,构建游戏分辨率的几何形状和烘烤的适当的地图来重现这种细节的过程属于其他在管道中的应用。然而,如果你不 ' t 有访问玛雅,3DS Max 或 TopoGun 为数不多,ZBrush 的拥有所有你需要创建低分辨率游戏类型的工具网与所有适当的地图的名称。在此 ZBrush 教程中我们 ' ll 复习技术雕刻我们初始的高分辨率资产,礼仪的匕首。我们 ' 将使用 DynaMesh,剪裁刷、 掩蔽和各种其他工具来获取我们的最终结果。我们 ' ll 也画匕首适当。一旦完成该网格,我们 ' ll 谈在 ZBrush 中的不同选项创建一个低分辨率的网格来自最后的资产。我们 ' ll 还创建和编辑在 ZBrush 的 UV 布局、 项目通过,详细信息和创建我们的地图。咱们吃完 ' ll 将一切狨猴 Toolbag 来查看它的外观将在真正的时间。最后,你 ' 将能够通过同样的过程去自己的网格上,无需离开 ZBrush 原文: ZBrush is a fantastic tool for creating very detailed looking models, from characters, to props and environments. The powerful sculpting and painting tools allow artists the freedom to create whatever they can imagine. Many times, however, the process of building game-resolution geometry and baking the appropriate maps to reproduce that detail falls to other applications in the pipeline. However, if you don't have access to Maya, 3DS Max, or TopoGun to name a few, ZBrush has all the tools you need to create a low resolution game-type mesh with all the appropriate maps. In this ZBrush tutorial we'll go over techniques for sculpting our initial high-resolution asset, a ceremonial dagger. We'll use DynaMesh, clipping brushes, masking, and a variety of other tools to get our final result. We'll also paint the dagger appropriately. Once that mesh is done, we'll talk about different options in ZBrush for creating a low-resolution mesh derived from the final asset. We'll also create and edit a UV layout in ZBrush, project the detail through, and create our maps. To finish we'll bring everything into Marmoset Toolbag to see how it will look in real time. In the end, you'll be able to go through the same process on your own meshes without ever leaving ZBrush

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