Maya使用Driven Keys提高你的绑定

译文: 在这个玛雅教程中我们将学习如何使用驱动键来提高我们的控制钻机在玛雅人。我们 ' 首先来学习如何将这种技术应用到机械钻机,创建一系列操作机器人的方式揭示特定功能的模型。我们 ' 还将了解如何修改此系统为动画师提供足够数量的控制。我们 ' ll 然后看一看另一个例子,并学习如何创建驱动关键系统卷举行蒙皮的网格。而不是依赖由于万向节锁,可以翻转的关节的旋转我们 ' ll 学习更鲁棒的解决方案,它使用一个对象 ' s 点空间来驱动纠正骨头和目标。我们 ' ll 甚至学习技术用于创建和镜像纠正形状更快 !本教程结束时,您将学习使用驱动键来得到我们想要从我们控制钻机的结果的可靠工作流。 原文: In this Maya tutorial we will learn how to use Driven Keys to enhance our control rigs in Maya. We'll start by learning how to apply this technique to a mechanical rig, creating a sequence of actions to reveal specific features on a model in a robotic way. We'll also learn how this system can be modified to provide animators with a sufficient amount of control. We'll then take a look at another example and learn how to create a Driven Key system to hold volume in a skinned mesh. Instead of relying on the rotation of joints that can flip due to Gimbal Lock, we'll learn more a robust solution that uses an object's point space to drive corrective bones and targets. We'll even learn techniques for creating and mirroring corrective shapes faster! By the end of this tutorial, you will learn reliable workflows that use Driven Keys to get the results we want from our control rigs.

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