Toon Boom Harmony给角色绑定添加变形器

译文: 本教程期间我们 ' 将创建两个变形性格钻机。我们 ' ll 开始这一进程通过检查我们第一个字符,其次是学习如何我们可以操纵我们性格的不同部位与曲线变形的设计。从这里我们 ' 将学到如何我们可以连接所有这些变形操纵身体部位在网络视图中通过建立层次结构安排。之后这我们 ' 会检查我们的第二个字符的设计和开始操纵不同身体部位与骨变形过程。一路走来,我们还将了解如何调整关节点为骨骼蒙皮,适用附加变形模块、 钻机的绘图参数和应用附加蒙皮和换他们出相同的变形层上。最后我们 ' ll 完成通过网络视图中创建我们的第二个字符的层次结构安排。通过了解这些是专属的到和谐的强大变形工具,你将能够击中地面运行您自己剪纸风格同时有很多有趣的角色创建消泡钻井平台。 原文: Throughout the duration of this tutorial we'll create two deformation character rigs. We'll begin this process by examining the design of our first character followed by learning how we can rig different parts of our character with curve deformers. From here we'll learn how we can connect all of these deformation rigged body parts in the network view by establishing a hierarchy arrangement. Following this we'll examine the design of our second character and begin the process of rigging different body parts with bone deformers. Along the way we will also learn how to adjust the articulation points for bone deformers, apply additional deform modules, rig the parameter of a drawing, and apply additional deformers and swap them out on the same deformation layer. Finally we'll finish by creating a hierarchy arrangement for our second character in the network view.By understanding these powerful deformation tools that are exclusive to Harmony, you will be able to hit the ground running creating deformer rigs for your own cut-out styled characters while having a lot of fun.

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