译文: 这家影院 4 D 教程中,我们 ' ll 会指导你通过可用的一些基本的照明工具在四维影院。让熟悉的核心照明工具和功能的四维影院是重要的技能的人入门这强大的 3D 应用程序。这种培训将开始与我们了解的各种类型的灯在四维影院以及如何精确地控制你光属性和找到正确的物理精度和你自己艺术的欲望混合物中找到。我们还将探讨一些专门的属性,发现在某些光的类型,我们将了解不同类型的阴影,可以利用内电影院 4 D,并探讨每个这些阴影类型的独特特点。我们还将了解如何使用体积光向我们呈现,以及许多额外的教训覆盖工具和主题,旨在给你的照明和 CINEMA4D 渲染能力强简介添加一种心情和气氛。 原文:  In this CINEMA 4D tutorial, we'll be guiding you through some of the essential lighting tools available in CINEMA 4D. Getting acquainted with the core lighting tools and features of CINEMA 4D is an important skill for anyone who is getting started with this powerful 3D application. This training will begin with us learning about the various types of lights found in CINEMA 4D and how to precisely control your light attributes and find the right mixture of physical accuracy, and your own artistic desires. We will also explore some of the specialized attributes found in certain light types, we will learn about the different types of shadows that can be utilized within CINEMA 4D, and explore the unique characteristics of each of these shadow types. We will also learn how we can use volumetric lights to add a sense of mood and atmosphere to our renders, along with many additional lessons covering tools and topics that are designed to give you a strong introduction to the lighting and rendering capabilities of CINEMA 4D.

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