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Maya2014 mental ray介绍入门教程

译文: 在本教程中,我们将探索的核心工具和心理的光线,在玛雅人的功能。有扎实的了解 mental ' s 核心功能,和如何他们工作,是成为一个高效和富有成果的呈现艺术家在玛雅的关键一步。我们将开始的学习模拟现实间接照明的玛雅人,第一种方法将使用全局光照明,然后我们将学习第二种方法使用 final 的两种不同方法收集我们的培训。我们还将探讨如何使用烧碱光子来模拟时穿过折射表面的光线创建详细的光模式。此外,我们还将探讨基于图像的照明技术,我们将学习如何使我们的场景中多个通行证,以及许多其他工具和将允许您开始生成高质量的技术工作的大量项目。 原文: In this tutorial, we will be exploring the core tools and features of mental ray in Maya. Having a solid understanding mental ray's core features, and how they work, is a crucial step toward becoming an efficient and productive rendering artist in Maya. We will begin our training by learning two different methods for simulating realistic indirect lighting in Maya, the first method will use global illumination, then we will learn about the second method using final gather. We will also explore how you can use caustic photons to simulate the detailed light patterns that are created when light passes through refractive surfaces. In addition, we will also explore Image-based lighting techniques, we will learn how to render our scenes in multiple passes, as well as many other tools and techniques that will allow you start generating high quality work for a multitude of projects.

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