Digital Tutors创意开发系列3ds Max高分辨率坦克建模

译文: 在本 3ds Max 教程中,我们打算模型装甲 III WW2 德国坦克。一些要点从看这种培训包括学习如何建立一个高多边形模型坦克使用涡轮,切割圆孔的多边形,以及如何使坦克履带、 扭曲的拖曳电缆、 工具网、 螺栓、 炮塔、 舱口盖、 车轮和灯的硬表面建模技术。我们还将创建演示文稿材料设计要显示模型 ' s 详细设置天空门户光,并呈现我们的模型 ' s 边缘循环作为电线为了炫耀我们建模技能。最后,我们将会呈现出在心理的光线,包括环境遮挡,镜面,和 alpha 的通行证。然后我们将结束的事情由我们呈现传递来创建最终的图像在 Photoshop 中的合成。 原文: In this 3ds Max tutorial, we are going to model a Panzer III WW2 German tank. Some of the key takeaways from watching this training include learning how to build a high-polygon model tank with hard surface modeling techniques using TurboSmooth, cutting round holes in polygons, and how to make the tank tread, twisted towing cable, tool mesh, bolts, turrets, hatches, wheels, and lights.We will also create a presentation material designed to display the model's detail, set up a Sky Portal Light, and render our model's edge loops as wires to showoff our modeling skills. Finally, we will render out passes in mental ray, including ambient occlusion, specular, and alpha. Then we will wrap things up by compositing our render passes to create a final image in Photoshop.

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