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ZBrush雕刻人类眼睛(Digital Tutors)

译文: 我们的人物的眼睛必须是其最重要的功能。虽然每个人都 ' s 眼睛都不同,有一些关键的地标,将存在的最具人性的字符。我们在雕刻眼睛的目标是打造略有独特的外观,同时仍然秉承一些常见的结构元素。在本教程中,我们将复习的基本形状和人眼的地标。我们 ' ll 开始使用 ZBrush 打造的顶部和底部的眼球周围的一些物质。我们 ' 将使用 DynaMesh 和插入的曲线来快速定义眼睑和添加质量。刷子像波兰和夹点将使我们能够得到更明确的外观和移动刷将是一个伟大的工具,搬迁雕刻的区域,以更好地匹配我们的最终目标。最后,你 ' ll 有更好地理解人类的眼睛,你周围的地区结构 ' 会舒服得多雕刻你的人物的眼睛。 原文: The eyes of our characters have to be among their most important features. And although everyone's eyes are different, there are some key landmarks that will exist for most human characters. Our goal in sculpting the eyes is to create a slightly unique look while still adhering to some common structural elements. In this tutorial we will go over the basic shapes and landmarks of human eyes. We'll start by using ZBrush to build up some material around the top and bottom of the eyeball. We'll use DynaMesh and inserted curves to quickly define the eyelids and add mass. Brushes like Polish and Pinch will allow us to get a more defined look and the Move brush will be a great tool for relocating sculpted areas to better match our end goal. In the end, you'll have a better understanding of the structure of the area around human eyes and you'll be much more comfortable sculpting the eyes for your human characters.

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