译文: 在本教程中我们将学习如何创建采用功能强大的 3D 空间和投影技术对 NUKEX 后世界末日的场景。在这些经验教训我们将如何去复合元素,如火和烟,和使他们尽可能的真实。我们将使用功能强大的 3D 系统在 NUKE 来正确地定位这些元素。我们要创建一个全新的环境,在我们的场景中。我们会将我们的相机导出到玛雅人然后设置我们的场景和效果。您将了解新技术在本课程中,以及快作为排序。 工作所需要的技能说明︰ 由于许可证限制和先进性的创新开发教程,本教程中的项目文件可能不包含每个单使用的文件,由艺术家。 原文:  In this tutorial we will learn how to create a post-apocalyptic scene using the powerful 3D space and projection techniques in NUKEX. Throughout these lessons we will go over how to composite elements such as fire and smoke, and make them as real as possible. We will be using the powerful 3D system in NUKE to position these elements properly. We are going to create a whole new environment within our scene. We will then export our camera to Maya and set up our scene and effects. You will learn new techniques in this course, as well as the skills it takes to work faster as a compositor.    Note: Due to both licensing restrictions and the advanced nature of Creative Development tutorials, the project files for this tutorial may not contain every single file that was used by the artist.

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