Premiere Pro CS6新功能讲解教程(Lynda出品)

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Premiere Pro商业编辑技术教程(Lynda出品)

译文: 学会创造性地谱写短形式广告使用 Adobe 首演专业人员。作者陆恭斯蒂尔探索如何沟通和市场观念,并不仅仅是销售产品或服务,通过试验的概念,帮助观众感觉,而不是思考。在这个过程中技术打破从更叙事风格的影片和电视讲故事,并允许您探索替代视觉消息传递样式。第一次陆恭显示你如何使用样式框架和临时音频钉下的想法,在您开始编辑之前。然后你 ' 将学习如何构建粗剪︰ 在这种情况下,行动蒙太奇穿插英雄镜头,定义,并强调品牌的消息。你 ' ll 细化你的伤口与运动图形、 最后的音频,以及影响,并学会操作颜色,照明,和定时来增加你的听众 ' s 情绪反应到了现场。最后,学习分层音效、 音频过滤器和微妙的音量调整创建有效的混音,你的商业的基础知识。 原文: Learn to creatively compose short-form advertisements using Adobe Premiere Pro. Author Christine Steele explores how to communicate and market an idea that does more than just sell a product or service, by experimenting with concepts that help the audience feel, rather than think. The techniques in this course break from the more narrative style of film and television storytelling, and allow you to explore alternative visual messaging styles. First Christine shows you how to use style frames and temporary audio to nail down an idea before you start editing. Then you'll learn how to construct the rough cut: in this case, an action montage interspersed with hero shots that define and highlight the brand messaging. You'll refine your cut with motion graphics, final audio, and effects, and learn to manipulate color, lighting, and timing to increase your audience's emotional reaction to the spot. Last, learn the basics of layering sound effects, audio filters, and subtle volume adjustments to create an effective sound mix for your commercial.

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