ZBrush雕刻人类皮肤(Digital Tutors出品)-视频教程

译文:在构建时的人类角色,皮肤质量可以发挥中定义的字符并将添加到其现实主义的重要作用。在本课程中我们将复习几个工具和技术,您可以使用在你的角色上创建皮肤的影响。我们将谈论使用阿尔法应用于模型的详细信息。我们也会看看在快速整体应用程序中的默认皮肤肿块以及可以程序或创建的自定义模式由艺术家使用噪音。我们也会谈论具体领域和添加汇报给皮肤补充字符雕刻皱纹。最后,你 ' ll 有大量的选项为在适当的级别,使用大量的技术添加皮肤细节。

原文:When building human characters, the skin quality can play an important role in defining the character and adding to its realism. In this course we will go over several tools and techniques you can use to create the effect of skin on your characters. We will talk about using alphas to apply detail to the models. We will also look at the use of Noise in quick overall applications of default skin bump as well as custom patterns that can be created procedurally or by the artist. We will also talk about sculpting wrinkles in specific areas and adding irregularities to the skin to add character. In the end, you'll have a lot of options for adding skin detail at an appropriate level using a number of techniques.

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