Digital Tutors初学者入门Vue xStream-视频教程

译文:在此 Vue 教程中我们 ' 将探索 Vue 得到一个新的 Vue 艺术家加速的关键方面。我们 ' ll 开始学习如何通过 Vue 导航 ' s 视口和识别界面的主要部分。我们 ' ll 然后开始探索许多关键的 Vue,如创建和修改大气,工作与地形,创建程序材料、 生成生态系统、 创建和编辑水,探索灯和许多其他将为您提供坚实基础理解 Vue 和其能力的概念的基础。

原文: In this Vue tutorial we'll explore the critical aspects of Vue to get a new Vue artist up to speed. We'll begin by learning how to navigate through Vue's viewports and identifying the major parts of the interface. We'll then begin exploring many critical aspects of Vue, such as creating and modifying atmospheres, working with terrain, creating procedural materials, generating Eco Systems, creating and editing water, exploring the fundamentals of lights, and many other concepts that will provide you with a solid foundational understanding of Vue and its capabilities.

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