译文:搅拌机的开源 3D 图形套房现在提供周期,一个到您的项目带来了新的现实主义和敬业精神的渲染引擎。在此过程中,乔治宝塔介绍了周期,和评论其照明类型,材料,和渲染设置。了解如何层着色器,提高表面的纹理和光泽,将栩栩如生的灯光和阴影添加到你的场景。在最后一章,按照小、 自包含的项目,将会呈现一个简单的建筑内部的位置。

原文:The open-source 3D graphics suite Blender now offers Cycles, a rendering engine that adds a new degree of realism and professionalism to your projects. In this course, George Maestri introduces Cycles, and reviews its lighting types, materials, and render settings. Learn how to layer shaders, enhance surfaces with texture and gloss, and add lifelike lighting and shadows to your scenes. In the final chapter, follow along with a small, self-contained project, where a simple architectural interior will be rendered.

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