CINEMA 4D摩托车建模技术-视频教程

译文:这家影院 4 D 教程中我们将通过建设摩托车过程中去。我们将开始通过设置自行车参考图片,然后使用一些基于样条的工具和技术来开始建立模压整流罩件。我们 ' ll 然后用电影院 4 D ' s 独特,层次结构基于工作流构建摩托车的不同元素。我们 ' 将使用框建模技术建立零件像坦克和其他身体元素。结合样条函数将使我们能够建立复杂的硬表面形状像刹车盘。一路上我们 ' ll 谈平滑技术及利用对称性,加快我们的工作流程。年底,你 ' ll 有摩托车模型和知识可以应用到您自己的自定义自行车或模型。

原文:In this CINEMA 4D tutorial we will go through the process of building a motorcycle. We will start by setting up reference images for the bike and then use some spline-based tools and techniques to begin building up the molded fairing pieces. We'll then use CINEMA 4D's unique, hierarchy based workflow to construct the different elements of the motorcycle. We'll use box modeling techniques to build up parts like the tank and other body elements. Combining splines will allow us to build complex hard surface shapes like the brake discs. All along the way we'll talk about smoothing techniques and using symmetry to speed up our workflow. By the end, you'll have a motorcycle model and knowledge you can apply to your own custom bike or model.

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1. 介绍和项目概述(1. Introduction and project overview)

2. 设置参考图像(2. Setting up reference images)

3. 开始主要整流罩(3. Starting the main fairing)

4. 完成主要整流罩形状(4. Finishing the main fairing shape)

5. 重绘的整流罩拓扑(5. Redrawing the fairing topology)

6. 建模的通风口(6. Modeling the vents)

7. 建模的侧灯(7. Modeling the side lights)

8. 整理整流罩(8. Finishing the fairing)

9. 建模前灯(9. Modeling the front light)

10. 创建油箱(10. Creating the fuel tank)

11. 整理油箱(11. Finishing the fuel tank)

12. 建模的座位(12. Modeling the seat)

13. 在后端阻塞(13. Blocking in the back end)

14. 整理后端(14. Finishing the back end)

15. 在后端建模灯(15. Modeling the lights on the back end)

16. 建筑的中间部分(16. Building the middle section)

17. 整理的中间部分(17. Finishing the middle section)

18. 建立轮胎(18. Building the tires)

19. 建筑的轮子(19. Building the wheels)

20. 整理的轮子(20. Finishing the wheels)

21. 建设刹车盘(21. Building the brake discs)

22. 建设刹车片光盘附件(22. Building the brake disc attachment)

23. 建筑的刹车装置(23. Building the brake assembly)

24. 添加叉(24. Adding the forks)

25. 建立三重树(25. Building the triple tree)

26. 添加挡泥板(26. Adding the fender)

27. 建模的摆动手臂(27. Modeling the swing arm)

28. 建筑的钉子和移相器(28. Building the pegs and shifters)

29. 开始排气管(29. Starting exhaust pipes)

30. 整理的排气管(30. Finishing exhaust pipes)

31. 建筑的把手(31. Building the handlebars)

32. 整理的把手(32. Finishing the handlebars)

33. 建模压力表(33. Modeling the gauges)

34. 添加汽车后视镜(34. Adding rear view mirrors)

35. 添加在挡风玻璃上(35. Adding the windscreen)

36. 建模的链(36. Modeling the chain)

37. 建模的链轮(37. Modeling the sprocket)

38. 添加片断整流罩和身体之间(38. Adding piece between fairing and body)

39. 建设到最后一块加灯(39. Building the end piece and adding lights)