Sony Vegas Pro基础教程(Lynda出品)-视频教程

译文:学习专业编辑视频或砍掉你自己的项目在一起吗?要了解索尼拉斯维加斯临。在这些教程中,电影和电视业内资深人士史蒂夫 Grisetti 引导您完成整个拉斯维加斯工作流。学会从不同的地点; 导入媒体编辑剪辑的时间轴;编辑和增强音频,包括旁白;并添加效果来增强色彩,情绪和你的电影戏剧。你 ' 还将了解如何添加标题、 应用场景,色度键之间的过渡效果,添加动画,例如锅和卷轴,和作物的片段,最大的影响。

原文:Learning to edit video professionally or to cut your own projects together? Get to know Sony Vegas Pro. In these tutorials, film and television industry veteran Steve Grisetti walks you through the entire Vegas workflow. Learn to import media from a variety of locations; edit clips in the Timeline; edit and enhance audio, including voice-over narration; and add effects to enhance the color, mood, and drama of your movie. You'll also find out how to add titles, apply transitions between scenes, chroma key, add animations such as pans and scrolls, and crop footage for maximum impact.

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