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利用3ds Max制作动态图像

译文: 此集合教程演示艺术家如何创建一种引人注目的动态图形现货使用 3ds Max 和后效果。在这个训练中您将从几个数字导师导师学习,每人将会指导您完成整个生产流水线用来创建我们的动议最终图形一片部分。我们将首先探索许多强大的建模工具发现在 3ds Max,和利用这些工具来建设我们的三维运动图形元素。从那里,我们将看看大量的动画工具和功能,将使我们能够将运动和生活快速添加到我们的 3ds Max 元素。从那里,我们将学习如何飘动的布、 烟和火花之类的动态元素纳入我们的场景。最后,我们将学习如何渲染出我们元素从 3ds Max,并利用后效果最终合成和硫醇的我们现货的运动图形。 原文: This collection of tutorials shows artists how to create an eye-catching motion graphics spot using 3ds Max and After Effects. In this training you will learn from several Digital-Tutors instructors, each of whom will be guiding you through a portion of the entire production pipeline used to create our final motion graphics piece. We will begin by exploring many of the powerful modeling tools found in 3ds Max, and utilizing these tools to build our 3D motion graphics elements. From there, we will look at a number of animation tools and features that will allow us to quickly add movement and life to our 3ds Max elements. From there, we will learn how to incorporate dynamic elements such as flowing cloth, smoke, and sparks into our scene. Finally, we will learn how to render out our elements from 3ds Max, and utilize After Effects for final compositing and sweetening of our motion graphics spot.

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