译文: 脸部已经发布了其最新的课︰ 创建裂缝数字资产的胡迪尼。Voronoi 骨折是强大的但它也有一定的局限性。我们怎样才能获得充分控制件的形状?我们怎样可以使裂纹扩展的动画效果?我们如何打破只有对象的某些部分,而其他地区保持不变?迈赫迪 · 萨利希揭示了一种新的视觉特效技术在胡迪尼。在本课中,我们将创建一个新的数字资产,为了回答这些问题。这个新工具可用于创建裂缝模式。您将了解,几乎所有的东西可以作为模式。例如,你可以使用线、 L-系统或图像文件作为模式。您将了解我们新的数字资产有更多的权力。它可以用于创建精确催泪模式用于布料仿真,甚至对低多边形物体。本课中提供一种新的排他效力技术,推荐给所有的胡迪尼用户。 原文: cmiVFX has released their newest lesson: Creating Cracks Digital-Asset in Houdini. Voronoi fracture is powerful, but it also has some limitations. How can we gain full control over the shape of the pieces? How can we make animations for crack propagation? How can we break only certain parts of an object while other areas remain intact? Mehdi Salehi reveals a new VFX technique in Houdini. In this lesson, we will create a new digital asset to answer these questions. This new tool can use patterns for creating cracks. You will learn that almost anything can be used as the pattern. For example, You can use lines, L-system, or image files as the pattern. You will learn that our new digital asset has even more power. It can be used to create precise tear patterns for cloth simulation, even for low poly objects. This lesson offers a new exclusive effect technique which is recommended to all Houdini users.

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