译文: 在这一系列的经验教训,我们 ' 将学到如何毛皮可以用于创建大量的可能不完全明显的影响在第一次。在此过程中,我们 ' 将探讨一些像为你的场景使用毛皮大不同类型草地的那些用途。我们 ' ll 还通过改变一些我们毛皮材质设置创建卷须和刺。我们 ' ll 建立能量爆裂或烟花爆炸使用毛皮和我们 ' 也筑好厚厚的地毯,我们内部的场景。此外,我们 ' ll 看看我们如何可以利用内置在乌布苏为皮毛要映射到它们,图像创建创建子画面,我们可以用乔木,灌木或任意数量的应用程序。最后,我们 ' ll 使用毛皮将添加一些羽毛到鸟字,完整的颜色和透明度的地图。通过看一些交替使用皮毛,希望你 ' ll 得到一些新的想法的如何你可以将毛皮创造性地融入您的工作流。 原文: In this series of lessons, we'll learn how Fur can be used to create a number of effects that may not be completely apparent at first. Throughout this course, we'll explore some of those uses like using fur to great different types of grass for your scene. We'll also create tendrils and spines by altering some of our fur material settings. We'll build an energy burst or fireworks explosion using fur and we'll also build a nice thick carpet for our interior scenes. In addition, we'll look at how we can utilize the built in uvs created for the fur to map images onto them, creating sprites that we can use for trees, bushes, or any number of applications. Finally, we'll use fur to add some feathers to a bird character, complete with color and transparency maps. By looking at some of the alternate uses for fur, hopefully you'll get some new ideas of how you can integrate fur creatively into your workflow.

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译文: 脸部释放新,岩石固体,款 Modo 培训视频,涵盖重新拓扑的原则。短语"法线"已经用作动词在大多数工作室,则只有几个成功创建的工具允许真正的法线与数量有限的经常发现在那些"飞之夜"的第三方应用程序在网上找到的剩余劳动力。转换您的几何的时候,你想要的最佳与最一致的结果。脸部一直参与编写我们自己的法线应用程序通过了这些年来,但我们觉得该视频演示了一个优越的方法保持高度详细的拓扑发现在你 ZBrush 或 Mudbox 网出口。现在,款已与 TheFoundry 合并起来,便开始学习 Modo 工作流的良机。现在你可以学习如何做在仅仅几个小时,由于出色的工作,从我们自己,维斯麦克德莫特。短描述学习如何采取高密度点详细的网格和其降至可控源网格动画管道。通知到观众: (一般的 3D 建模知识会有用但不是必需观看此视频) 原文: cmiVFX releases a new, rock solid, Luxology Modo training video that covers the principles of Re-Topology. While the phrase "retopo" is used as a verb in most studios already, there are only a few successfully created tools that allow for true retopo with limited amounts of redundant labor often found in those "fly by night" 3rd party apps found online. When it comes to converting your geometry, you want the best possible solution with the most consistent results. cmiVFX has been involved with writing our own retopo apps through out the years, but we feel that this video demonstrates a superior method of keeping highly detailed topology found in your ZBrush or Mudbox mesh exports. Now that Luxology has merged up with TheFoundry, it would be a good time to start learning the Modo Workflow. Now you can learn how to do it in just a few hours, thanks to the excellent work from our very own, Wes McDermott. Short Description Learn how to take detailed meshes with high density points and reduce them to manageable source meshes for the animation pipeline. NOTICE TO VIEWERS: (General 3D Modeling Knowledge would be helpful but not required to watch this video)

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