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Toon Boom Harmony角色绑定入门教程

译文: 得到了很好地理解一些基本的索具的工具在香椿繁荣和谐你 ' ll 能够脚踏实地地与你自己的性格钻机跑。我们 ' ll 开始学习如何在时间线视图,以及网络视图的图层部分中创建的层次结构。之后这我们 ' 将探索如何我们可以放我们抠出样式字符允许我们旋转身体的不同部位的主要关节的枢轴点。从这里我们 ' 还将讨论使用钉和如何他们允许我们自由壁球和舒展我们性格的个别部位的好处。我们 ' ll 也花几堂课上我们操纵的字符使用逆运动学工具和探讨如何我们可以排除 IK 骨骼和重新定位他们。最后我们 ' ll 完成通过学习如何操纵使用变形工具,功能独家只对 Harmony.While 大部分的题目,我们 ' 会覆盖适用于动画、 动画临与和谐,会有一些专用的和谐和 Pro 进行动画处理的内容。 原文: By gaining a good understanding of some of the basic rigging tools in Toon Boom Harmony you'll be able to hit the ground running with your own character rigs.We'll begin by learning how to create hierarchies in the layers section of the timeline view as well as the network view. Following this we'll explore how we can place pivot points on the major joints of our cutout styled character allowing us to rotate different parts of the body. From here we'll also discuss the benefits of using pegs and how they allow us the freedom to squash and stretch individual parts of our character. We'll also spend a few lessons on using the inverse kinematics tool with our rigged character and explore how we can exclude IK bones and reposition them. Finally we'll finish by learning how to rig using the deformation tools, a feature exclusive only to Harmony.While a majority of the topics that we'll be covering are applicable to Animate, Animate Pro, and Harmony, there will be some content that is exclusive to Harmony and Animate Pro.

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