译文: 创建环境的概念艺术的时候,过程不一定要有条理一个缓慢的过程。事实上,当我们做一些简单的作为为自己设置一个时间限制,真正神奇的东西就会发生.不只我们可以不必在一次尝试创建完美完成的图像的负担,但我们也可以积累很快被大量的可能的备选方案。我们还将学习,是否一个想法不淘金,我们可以快速设置它一边和移动无需浪费时间试图让而我们将把重点放在速度上和住松早在此过程中,我们将也学到一些有价值的技术,一路上都打破了我们的形象,以及画它总结这次培训工作。我们将会大大放慢自己的脚步和学习这种细节和波兰后,应该保存为结束速度绘画。 完成这一系列的经验教训,你将学到更多只是一些提示和技巧为画一个漂亮的形象。你将会学习绘画的速度是一样的心境是上班的路上。 原文:  When it comes to creating concept art for environments, the process doesn’t have to be a slow methodical one. In fact, when we do something as simple as setting a time limit for ourselves, something truly magical can happen.  Not only can we free ourselves of the burden having to create the perfect finished image in one attempt but we can also amass are large number of potential options very quickly. We will also learn that if an idea just isn’t panning out, we can quickly set it aside and move on without wasting time trying to make it work.  While we will be focusing on speed and staying loose early in this course, we will also learn some valuable techniques along the way for both breaking down our image as well as painting it.  To wrap up this training, we will slow our pace considerably and learn that detail and polish should be saved for the very end of a speed painting.  After completing this series of lessons, you will have learned more than just some tips and tricks for painting a pretty image. You will have learned that speed painting is as much a frame of mind as it is a way to work.

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译文: 我们先本 Photoshop 教程来学习关于 RGB 和 CMYK 颜色模式,这是每一个设计师必须了解的事。从这里,我们将开始学习有关特定于为专业印刷准备工作的几个主题。首先,我们会花一点点的时间来学习如何屏幕分辨率和打印分辨率之间的区别。接下来,我们将继续前进并学习话题,如体育颜色和过程颜色,外观呈黑色,分离过程和专色印刷,和我们如何管理我们 ICC 颜色配置文件的图稿。我们打包了本课程通过学习如何编写新闻准备好在 Photoshop 中的 PDF。完成本教程之后,你会有好的理解的概念、 工具和技术用于准备打印准备文档在 Adobe Photoshop 中。 原文:  We’ll start this Photoshop tutorial by learning about the RGB and CMYK color models, which is something every designer must understand. From here, we will begin learning about several topics that are specific to preparing jobs for commercial printing. First, we will spend a little bit of time learning about the difference between screen resolution and print resolution. Next, we’ll move on and learn about topics like sport color and process color, the appearance of black, separating artwork for both process and spot printing and how we can manage our ICC color profiles. We’ll wrap up this course by learning how to prepare a press ready PDF in Photoshop. After completing this tutorial, you will have a good understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques used to prepare print ready documents in Adobe Photoshop.

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