NUKEX将3D标题整合到影像(Digital Tutors)

译文: 在这一连串的经验教训,我们将探索跟踪我们相机运动融入生活的行动现场文本标志的过程。我们首先通过跟踪和解决相机要映射出真人板从摄像机的运动。我们把在 OBJ 文件中包含一个基于简单文本标志,我们使用作为我们的 3D 图像。然后,我们进行照明及合成文本与我们的背景。我们学习技巧用于获取更好的相机解决和如何在 NUKE 最控制照明系统。我们还学习如何颜色校正最后的复合物,以给它的蓝色有色的黑人和黄色有色的白人电影的感觉。本教程是为你,如果你有兴趣在 matchmoving 中,想要做一个快速的项目,将让你快速的结果。 原文: In this series of lessons, we will explore the process for tracking our camera movements to integrate a text logo into a live action scene. We start out by tracking and solving the camera to map out the motion of the camera from the live action plate. We then bring in an OBJ file containing a simple text based logo, which we use as our 3D image. Then, we proceed to lighting and compositing the text with our background. We learn tricks for getting a better camera solve and how to get the most control out of the lighting system in NUKE. We also learn how to color correct the final composite to give it the cinematic feel of blue tinted blacks and yellow tinted whites. This tutorial is for you if you are interested in matchmoving and want to do a quick project that will get you fast results.

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