译文: 在这系列的效果教程后,我们将学习如何制作动画徽标使用粒子和动画的视频揭示和加强徽标演示文稿。我们将学习如何操纵使用效果和简单的变换属性以使其完全适合在我们想要揭示元素上面的视频。后不断变化的 it ' s 轨道表面无光泽,我们看看如何快速您可以以多种方式使用效果。然后,我们继续前进到创建粒子。我们使用取决于我们所需要的粒子能够做本教程的几个不同的粒子系统。一些系统更容易使用比其他人,而一些提供更多可定制的选项。不管是什么虽然,所有的粒子,我们使用在本教程来后的影响,所以没有需要担心昂贵的插件。通过这次培训结束时,您将拥有掌握使用 luma 和 alpha 遮罩以及如何来操纵一个粒子系统来创建许多不同的外观。 原文: In this series of After Effects tutorials, we will learn how to animate a logo using particles and animated videos to reveal and enhance the logo presentation. We will learn how to manipulate a video using effects and the simple transformation properties to cause it to perfectly fit on top of an element we would like to reveal. After changing it's track matte, we see how quickly you can use the effect in multiple ways. Then, we move on to creating particles. We use a few different particle systems throughout this tutorial depending on what we need the particles to be capable of doing. Some systems are easier to use than others, while some offer more customizable options. No matter what though, all of the particles we use in this tutorial come with After Effects, so no need to worry about expensive plug-ins. By the end of this training, you will have a mastery of using luma and alpha mattes as well as how to manipulate a particle system to create many different looks.

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