0001 欢迎(0001 Welcome)

0002 使用练习文件(0002 Using the exercise files)

0003 推荐使用的硬件(0003 Recommended hardware)

0101 了解三种类型的实体曲线表面(0101 Understanding the three types of entities curves surfac)

0102 比较贝塞尔曲线, B-样条, 和 NURBS 对象(0102 Comparing Bezier curves, B-splines, and NURBS objects)

0103 比较 isocurves 曲面和网格曲面(0103 Comparing isocurves surfaces and mesh surfaces)

0104 设置测量单位和公差(0104 Setting measurement units and tolerance)

0201 介绍视区(0201 Introducing the viewport)

0202 使用建设飞机到锚模型设计(0202 Using construction planes to anchor model design)

0203 改变使用的阴影模式来查看模型的方式(0203 Changing the way a model is viewed using shading modes)

0204 导航视图的潘, 缩放, 旋转, 和水库(0204 Navigating the viewport with pan, zoom, rotate, and res)

0205 探索帮助选项(0205 Exploring help options)

0301 了解犀牛命令哲学(0301 Understanding Rhinos command philosophy)

0302 使用工具栏和停靠到一个工具栏按钮(0302 Using toolbars and docking buttons to a toolbar)

0303 使用一间百货公司,用几何菜单导航(0303 Navigating the geometry menus using a department store)

0304 使用命令行和状态栏获得反馈(0304 Using the command line and status bar to get feedback)

0305 修改微移控件和设置其他 preferenc(0305 Modifying the nudge control and setting other preferenc)

0306 使用属性窗口(0306 Using the Properties window)

0307 打开和保存文件(0307 Opening and saving files)

0401 创建基本的物体曲线曲面和实体(0401 Creating basic objects curves surfaces and solids)

0402 执行基本的转换(0402 Performing basic transformations)

0403 选择对象(0403 Selecting objects)

0404 组织一个项目,利用图层(0404 Organizing a project using layers)

0501 理解直线和折线(0501 Understanding lines and polylines)

0502 建筑矩形和多边形(0502 Building rectangles and polygons)

0503 创建圆弧圆和椭圆(0503 Creating arcs circles and ellipses)

0504 绘制任意多边形曲线(0504 Drawing freeform curves)

0601 比较不同类型的3D 表面(0601 Comparing different types of 3D surfaces)

0602 挤压曲面来创建模型中的特征(0602 Extruding surfaces to create features in a model)

0603 创建曲面与阁楼(0603 Creating surfaces with lofts)

0604 使用旋转和轨道围绕创建曲面(0604 Using Revolve and Rail Revolve to create surfaces)

0605 使用扫铁路创建3D 爪(0605 Using Sweep Rail to create a 3D claw)

0606 创建复杂的曲面形状,使用网络面(0606 Creating complex surface shapes using Network Surface)

0701 引入固体食品,(0701 Introducing solids)

0702 制作固体与基元(0702 Making solids with primitives)

0703 挤压的曲线创建无基元的固体(0703 Extruding curves to create solids without primitives)

0704 创建独特的形状与联盟, 差异, and(0704 Creating unique shapes with the union, difference, and)

0705 固体和布尔值的疑难解答(0705 Troubleshooting solids and Booleans)

0706 与实体编辑工具来编辑(0706 Editing with the solid edit tools)

0707 创建和转换在固体中的孔(0707 Creating and transforming holes in solids)

0801 了解犀牛建模艾滋病(0801 Understanding Rhinos modeling aids)

0802 与网格线对齐建模援助工作(0802 Working with the Grid Snap modeling aid)

0803 使用建模援助邻(0803 Using the Ortho modeling aid)

0804 使用平面建模援助(0804 Using the Planar modeling aid)

0805 纳入控制建模援助进入您的工作流(0805 Incorporating the Osnap modeling aid into your workflow)

0806 了解项目和智能轨迹造型艾滋病(0806 Understanding the Project and Smart Track modeling aids)

0807 设置光标的限制(0807 Setting cursor constraints)

0901 编辑角与圆角和倒角(0901 Editing corners with Fillet and Chamfer)

0902 修剪和分裂与曲线布尔值(0902 Trimming and splitting with curve Booleans)

0903 移动和旋转对象阻力和太微移(0903 Moving and rotating objects with the Drag and Nudge too)

0904 复制并粘贴对象(0904 Copying and pasting objects)

0905 要了解如何犀牛使用撤消和重做(0905 Understanding how Rhino uses Undo and Redo)

0906 组合对象(0906 Grouping objects)

0907 缩放对象(0907 Scaling objects)

0908 复制对象使用镜像命令(0908 Duplicating objects using the Mirror command)

0909 制作副本和使用数组的结构化的集(0909 Making copies and structured sets using arrays)

1001 使用分析工具栏来了解特征(1001 Using the Analysis toolbar to understand characteristic)

1002 定义程度的曲线和曲面(1002 Defining degrees of curve and surfaces)

1003 使用重建和变化程度(1003 Using Rebuild and Change Degree)

1101 测量和标记值在模型上利用得以顺畅(1101 Measuring and labeling values on a model using dimensio)

1102 创建屏幕捕获的快速校样(1102 Creating screen captures for quick proofs)

1103 创建2D 的意见3D 模型(1103 Creating 2D views of a 3D model)

1104 呈现一个项目(1104 Rendering a project)

1201 模型准备样机通过确认该基地(1201 Preparing a model for prototyping by confirming that al)

1202 使用炮击技术创建壁厚(1202 Using the shelling technique to create wall thickness)

1203 导出到的 STL 格式3D 印刷(1203 Exporting to the STL format for 3D printing)

1301 再见了(1301 goodbye)


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    译文: 在犀牛 4.0 基本训练中,作者戴夫 · 舒尔茨演示如何在程序中使用犀牛 4.0 中基于 NURBS 的三维建模工具来设计产品,从玩具机器人到全尺寸飞机。本课程专注于工业设计和快速成型,与审查常见 3D 术语使用具体的例子使用犀牛 4.0。随着犀牛界面全面勘探,课程内容包括建筑与犀牛的 3D 对象简介 ' s 三主要实体︰ 曲线、 曲面和固体。练习文件将包含在课程。 原文: In Rhino 4.0 Essential Training, author Dave Schultze shows how the 3D NURBS-based modeling tools in Rhino 4.0 are used to engineer products from toy robots to full-sized aircraft. This course concentrates on using Rhino 4.0 for industrial design and rapid prototyping, with a review of common 3D terminology using specific examples. Along with a comprehensive exploration of the Rhino interface, the course includes an introduction to building 3D objects with Rhino's three primary entities: the curve, the surface, and the solid. Exercise files are included with the course.